The point forms a portrait project, where the protagonist is not the individual but the experiences lived, I perceive and feel pain as a transforming and learning agent, from that premise this project solves the problem of being afraid of something that brings us down From our delusional state of complete happiness, pain is part of the way, one more stage that burns after our passage.

I.N.R.I (2019)

Some initials that go far beyond a mockery or contempt for a certain king of the Jews.

«Through fire, nature is renewed» is the concept pursued by this triptych, a concept inherited from Gnostic philosophy, which defends a balance of forces between life and death, freeing the concept of death as an elusive prison.


Sr. Wind is an immersive experience in which the poetry of the writer Juan José Hernández and the photography of the visual artist Toni López enter into symbiosis to offer a journey through an autobiographical story full of secrets and surprises. A wonderful story that deals with the non-acceptance of the echoes of the past.

VINCULA (2019)

Not all prisons have bars….

There are deeper prisons, where not knowing prevents wanting.


“Hunger, rejection, love and dependent bonds, not all human relationships are healthy and not all people should have the power to harm us. In this way «Fames.Carita» is a journey towards acceptance, healing and knowledge of what and why it hurts … «

© Toni López 2021